UFLEX: Shaping the Food World with FlexFresh Packaging Solution

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UFLEX Please tell us about the FlexFresh

We had been working on introducing a technology to extend shelf life of fresh produce which inherently is perishable in nature. We came up with Flexfresh which is made of a special proprietary polymeric composition.

UFLEXFlexFresh is a path breaking product in extending shelf-life of perishable fresh produce, yet maintaining sensory characteristics. It is a win-win product for farmers, manufacturers, and consumers alike. As product throws out a lot of humidity; we utilise it so that the product can breathe in hydrated oxygen and in aerobic conditions underactive modified environment created inside the bag.

The Technology behind UFLEX’s FlexFresh-

We tried to bring shelf-life extension techniques to India earlier but it did not work. FlexFresh is a path breaking product in extending self-life of perishable products, yet maintaining their sensory characteristics. It is a win-win product for farmers, manufactures, and consumers.

How does this work?

The product throws out a lot of humidity. We created an environment where the product can utilise this humidity. For this, we created an artificial environment that could help the product to breathe in its own humidity as well.

Significance of Uflex Packaging-

UFLEX Our packaging goes as the second skin for the product because it is biodegradable and allows Carbon dioxide to pass, without damaging the product and the environment. We accomplished the removal of Carbon dioxide inside the pack and maintain humidity. Through our process, we were able to eliminate the formation of carbonic acid, which kills products.

Role of micro perforations in packaging for shelf life extension-

UFLEX The amount of oxygen required by the product is the key point of the packaging, which is decided by the micro perforations. The number of holes required is decided on the basis of amount of Oxygen needed to be supply. It’s a very simple technology if you look at it, but the film makes all the difference.

How do you adjust the composition of gases to enhance the shelf-life of the products?

We can start with 79 percent Nitrogen and 20 percent Oxygen, which can go down to 5 or 10 percent depending on the product. We allow the product to consume Oxygen naturally and then replace it with Carbon di-oxide. The best part about Carbon di-oxide and Oxygen is that there is a gradual decrease in which Oxygen goes down and then Carbon di-oxide increases. So there is no shock to the product.

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