India to Achieve 50 Million Tonnes Maize Output by 2025

According to Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh, India has the capacity double its maize production to 50 million tonnes (MT) by 2025 to meet the rising domestic demand of the crop. He further confirms that the maize production was 24.17 MT in 2014-15 in spite of the drought last year.

As per the statistics, approximately 64 per cent of the total maize production is used for poultry feed, followed by 16 per cent for human consumption and 19 per cent for industrial starch and beverage. The increasing popularity and demand for specialty corns such as sweet corn and baby corn has attracted farmers to grow these types of corns in addition to the normal corns.

Singh further confirms that the demand for maize as food may rise to 2 MT by 2025. "By 2025, India will require 50 MT maize for domestic consumption, of which 32 MT for feed, 15 MT for industrial sector, 2 MT as food and 1 MT for seed. Thus doubling India's maize production would be an opportunity and it can be achieved," He added.