Punjab Government Provides Subsidised Seeds, Urges Farmers to Grow Maize

Farmers in Punjab have been asked to cultivate maize instead of the water-guzzling paddy by the government. According to the sources, the state is also offering subsidy on maize seed at the rate of Rs 84 per kilogram.

According to a spokesperson of the agriculture department, this initiative will eradicate the debt-ridden peasantry of the state out of the vicious cycle of wheat-paddy cultivation. The government is promoting varieties of maize seed that produce higher yield.

Talking about subsidy prices, the spokesperson added that maize seed of Lakshmi-333 variety is available to the farmers at Rs 168 per kg, DKC-9125 at Rs 220, DKC-9140/II8017 at Rs 225, PAC-751 at Rs 210, LY-558/4558 at Rs 190, PMH-2255 at Rs 179, TX-369 at Rs 180, P-3396 at Rs 265, P-3401 at Rs 375 and PMH-1 at Rs 175.

Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/agriculture/punjab-urges-farmers-to-grow-maize-instead-of-paddy-provides-subsidised-seeds/articleshow/52623259.cms