Microsoft, Icrisat Join Hands with Andhra Pradesh Government on Sowing App for Farmers

Microsoft, Icrisat and Andhra Pradesh government have developed a sowing application for farmers which will help them to sow crops based on weather conditions, soil and other indicators with personalised village advisory dashboard and achieve optimal harvests.

Icrisat's Director General Dr David Bergvinson said that there was an urgent need of bringing various scattered data together and developing an analytical tool that gives accurate predictions to the farmers. "We are excited to work with Microsoft to enhance incomes and improve the lives of small holder farmers, and this is going to boost our digital agriculture initiative in a big way."

The app is likely to help reduce crop failures, increase yield, and generates better income for farmers. "This is a significant start for digital agriculture and can reap benefits in multiple ways as governments and stakeholders discover the potential for technology to unlock and offer multiple solutions for famers," said Managing Director or Microsoft India (R&D), Anil Bhansali.