Africa Calls on Gujarat Farmers and Offers 90,000 Hectares Land on Lease

Gujarat farmers have a goof opportunity waiting for them ahead. They are being offered farming opportunities by African countries and there is a lot of money in it for them. Just before the trade show that is scheduled to be held in Rajkot, several participating African countries gave an offer to lease around 90,000 hectares of land to these agriculturalists.

Around 500 delegates including ministerial groups from around 30 African nations are expected to participate in the trade show beginning February 11 organised by the Saurashtra Vepar Udhyog Mahamandal (SVUM), the apex body of industries of Saurashtra and Kutch. Parag Tejura, President of SVUM said that there are huge lands on offer in many African countries. He even said that some of them have already offered a total of 90,000 hectares land on long term lease to Gujarat farmers. He also said that this is a great business opportunity for farmers, especially for those who have prospered using innovating agriculture techniques.

In the past years, the farmers in from Central Gujarat have successfully explored farming options in these countries. In some of the countries, the farmers can even become the owners of the land after the long term use. Dr. D J Patel said that this is a huge opportunity for our farmers to reap huge financial benefits in the African Countries. These countries have good irrigation facilities and farmers can do wonders with the lands allotted to them.

SUVM has made sure to invite many farmers from Saurashtra and vice-chancellors of agriculture universities to interact with the African delegations.

By BOA Bureau