Budget Provides Aid to value-added Agriculture

The compensational agendas that the ruling government has come out with in the recently concluded budget for Agriculture and MSME sectors have come at a time when it was needed the most. Upon realising the need to elevate the selling opportunities for farmers, Industries and Agriculture Department have already jotted down and implemented various projects for the farmer community and the small entrepreneurs. The main area of concern is to provide ready to use products from various agricultural produce to the retail market in the state. IN the month of November, the department had announced a project to build 14 agro parks with the aim of promoting food processing and value-addition. In the 2016-17 budget, the government earmarked 500 crore for the project.

According to Agriculture Minister V S Sunil Kumar, the proposed agro parks will play a pivotal role in bringing the benefits of value-addition to farmers.  The overwhelming response to the Jackfruit Festival conducted last year has prompted the Industries Department to organise more events to bring together the stakeholders in the food/agro industry.

By BOA Bureau