Tamil Nadu Agriculture Minister Goes Missing

According to a report filed by Tamil Nadu police department, Tamil Nadu’s Agriculture Minister R. Duraikannu is missing. The complaint has been filed by a person named Magalingam and he alleges that Sasikala family is hiding him. Sasikala is currently involved in a battle against O Panneerselvam for the chief minister’s chair in Tamil Nadu. On Saturday, Chinnamma as called by the AIADMK cadres, vowed a new form of protest and slammed Governor Vidyasagar Rao for delaying his decision on the upcoming chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

While the Sasikala group claims support of enough MLAs, team Panneerselvam saw an immense increase in support recently with several AIADMK supporters lending their support to the caretaker of Tamil Nadu. Chinnamma is losing out on members and is going to land in trouble when she takes up on Panneerselvam on forming the government. Amidst all this, one can only think of the reasons why Tamil Nadu’s Agriculture Minister is suspiciously, suddenly missing.

By BOA Bureau