Mercury Drop in North India Paves Way for Better Wheat Producing Prospects

Rain and snow in North has widened the chances for the betterment of wheat production in India. The temperature in past few days has dropped and things look favourable for optimum wheat production. The dip in temperature is expected to boost the output especially in states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. 

With wheat harvesting scheduled later in March, the sudden dip in the temperature is expected to improve the yield of wheat in most states. Experts are seeing the weather most favourable for standing wheat in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh where the harvesting period picks in the month of April. 

The fall in temperature is being considered highly beneficial for standing wheat after it had hovered few notches above normal in the last fortnight. Director Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Gynendra P Singh told that the condition of wheat crop is good and there are no reports of serious diseases. He said that the favourable weather is conducive for wheat across the states. This year, the government has set target of 33 million tonne, almost 43 per cent higher than the last year. The procurement fell below target and stood at 22.96 million tonnes in the last year. The cereal bowl states of Punjab and Haryana had provided 104.44 lakh tonnes and 67.78 lakh tonnes respectively in 15-16 Rabi season.

With harvesting expected to pick up later in the month in Punjab and Haryana, the prevailing rains are being considered highly beneficial. Punjab agriculture minister said that rains and snow in hills have brought down temperature considerably and it is quite conductive for the crop in Punjab. He said that the low temperature will prolong vegetative phase and allow grains to gain mass. In last two day light rains have occurred at isolated places in the state. There has been appreciable fall in day and night temperatures since Wednesday going below normal in Punjab. There has been light to moderate rains and thundershowers in few places in Punjab as well as Haryana. 

By BOA Bureau