Coffee Board has projected a record post blossom

Coffee Board has projected a record post blossom

Coffee Board has projected a record post blossom estimate of coffee crop for 2017-18 contrary to the views expressed by the growers. 

The post blossom forecast has been placed at 350,400 tonnes comprising 103,100 tonnes of arabica and 247,300 tonnes of robusta, showing over 12% (38400 tonnes) rise over the final estimate of coffee harvest of 2016-17. 

The growers had predicted a 10 to 20% decline in robusta crop because of vagaries of weather. However, the board has said that post blossom estimate has taken into account the additional bearing area of about 13500 hectares in the traditional coffee growing regions of Karnataka Kerela and Tamil Nadu. It further said that post blossom estimation was taken during May 2017 and crop losses after that will be reflected in the post monsoon estimation. 

The post blossom estimates are generally released in May. But Coffee Board chairman M S Boje Gowda had told ET in an e-mail interview a week ago that the delay of pre-monsoon and back-up showers had delayed data collection process. The board has calculated the final crop estimate for 2016-17 at 312,000 tonnes, an overall drop of 36,000 tonnes ( 10.34%) over the previous year which harvested a record crop of 348,000 tonnes. The break-up of arabica and robusta beans for 2016-17 was 95,000 tonnes and 217,000 tonnes. The board attributed the fall to delayed blossom and back-up showers coupled with high temperatures.

By BOA Bureau