Why Seed Treatment is Essential?

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Seed Treatment Agriculture plays a paramount role in India’s economy. Fifth-eight percent of the village households are primarily dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. Along with horticulture, animal husbandry, fishery and forestry, agriculture has the largest contribution in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). While, on one hand, the challenges like climate change, scarcity of water, shortage of arable land, reduction in yield stand before us with its horrible face, due to all this the demand of higher yield for more people with less resources is increasing on the other. To achieve the goal of food security, our efforts should begin with the first step and that first step of agriculture is the seed.

Before sowing, the farmers should always use hybrid and proven seeds. Good seeds are essential to increase the yield. After selection of good seeds, their proper treatment is also essential, as many diseases spread from the seeds. Hence, seed treatment is an important solution to protect the seeds from pathogens, insects and unusual conditions.

Seed Treatment Seed treatment is a process, wherein the seed is processed with a certain amount of physical, chemical (fungicides or pesticides), bio agent to protect the seed from the diseases caused by seed, soil and insects. A certain amount of suitable chemical or bio reagent is mixed with the seed in a way so that a protective layer of chemical or bio-chemical is formed on the outer layer of the seeds, which in turn can protect the seeds from the pathogens present in the seed or the soil.

Research have shown that the benefits of seed treatment comes in the form of healthy plants, enhanced quality, higher yield and better income against the capital invested on disease and insect control. However, even today a good number of farmers is there who sow untreated seeds. Hence, wide publicity to the benefits of treated seeds is essentially required.

Dhanuka Agritech Limited has provided ‘Vitavax Power” with a world-renowned seed treatment to farmers. This fungicide is exclusively for seed treatment, while most of the fungicides used today for seed treatment are basically for spraying. Due to unavailability of a fungicide exclusively for seed treatment, Carbendazim is in vogue. Vitavax is composed of Vita (Vitamin) and Vax (Vaccine) which provides the strength of vitamins to the plants and simultaneously vaccinates as well, due to which the plants become free from diseases as well as healthy.

Vitavax Power is a combination of two fungicides, Carbosin and Thirum. Both the ingredients have equal quantity of 37.5 percent each. Carbosin is an infusion fungicide which dissolves into water and enters into the seed. Fungus is present inside the seed in dormant state and as the seeds germinate they infect the plants. The Carbosin content of Vitavax Power destroys all fungus and makes the crops healthy in the very initial stage.

Another constituent of Vitavax Power is Thirum which is a contact fungicide and controls the fungi present on the outer layer of seeds and in the soil. Pithium, Phytophthora, Rhizocononia, and Sclerosurium are the main fungus causing soil borne diseases. Amongst them, attack of Pithium substantially reduces the number of plants. Thirum protects the plants by destroying this soil-born fungus. Thus, by treating the seeds with Vitavax Power, crop is protected from with the seed and soil borne diseases. Seeds sprout early and equally.

Vitavax Power helps germination of seeds even in adverse weather conditions. After the sowing, even under continuous rains, the seeds are well-treated with Vitavax germinate. Sometimes, after sowing the seeds the soil becomes hard due to rain followed by 4-5 days’ continuous sun and the seeds do not sprout from the soil. In such adverse conditions, too, the seeds treated with Vitavax Power can break the hard surface and sprout from the soil.

The plants grown from the seeds treated with Vitavax Power stay healthy and the growth of roots is also good. With good growth of the roots the number of rhyzobium nodes increases which absorbs nitrogen from the environment and supply to the plant. Vitavax Power should be used 2 grams per kilogram of seed for treatment. Its cost can be made good by saving 2-5 kg. seeds per acre. Thus, the farmers can get higher yield at less cost or even without any cost.

Dhanuka is playing an important role in the hundred percent seed treatment drive of Government of India. Given the demand from the farmers, Dhanuka has also presented liquid seed treatment Vitavax Ultra with a combination of two chemicals – Carbosin and Thirum. Vitavax Ultra is based on hydro technique which allows the formulation to infuse into the seed more easily and provide total protection.

Further, Dhanuka Group provides machines for seed processing at the farmers’ doorstep. Also, it provides free Vitavax samples through Krishi VijnanKendras (KVK) for practical testing in the fields. This group has also prepared a melodious jingle (HarBeejKoSurakshaaKaTeekaa, JaiseHarBachcheKo Polio KaTeeka) which was adopted by the Government of India in 2005 for campaigns.

Seed is most fundamental to the plant’s life, which carries life from one generation to the other. As the life cycle of a plant begins from the seeds and ends in the seed itself, health of the seed is very essential so that it could maintain continuity of a healthy generation. If the seed itself is infested with pathogens, the plants growing from them will also be unhealthy, diseased, poor, and powerless, and would prove disadvantageous to farmers. The pathogens and insects attack the seeds a great deal. Since the seeds, generally, contain all the nutritious constituents, which they use to complete their life cycle, it is important to protect them from insects and diseases during their storage and growth period so that they are protected from attacks of diseases for further crops.

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* Amit B.K. Khare (Branding & Advertising);
Dhanuka Agritech Limited