Farming App for the Progressive Farmers

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Farming App for the Progressive Farmers Gone are the days where a farmer had to go through various newspapers, magazines, or depend on his network to get the latest update on agriculture and farming. Most of the time, the information is insufficient, inaccurate or not relevant. It is important to get information that is correct at timely. Sharing information through digital platforms via mobile phones seems to be an effective way of sharing the knowledge since it cheap and instant. The delivery includes improved farming practices, new government schemes, commodity price updates and weather updates etc.

With the penetration of mobile and smart devices combined with cheaper internet data plans, it’s easier for the farmer to get new information or share it with others. That helps to improve the farmer’s productivity, yield, and income. Also, the mobile apps and farming portals make the access even easier since they are customized and targetted for farmers. Some even come with a rich feature set like Ask an Expert or Email and SMS updates. One such portal built for farmers is farmersgrid ( and their mobile app named “farmersgrid”.

farmersgrid is an open and free comprehensive portal for farmers and gardeners. It provides day to day updates on commodity prices, new government schemes and technologies were developed by private and government sectors. All the content is categorized, so you can read content on relevant topics. It also provides information regarding agricultural exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and events held all over in India. farmersgrid plays a crucial role in promoting agricultural productivity, providing relevant information especially on farm management better market prices could very useful for farmers.

According to ‘The Rising Connected Consumer in Rural India’, a study by the Boston Consulting Group, this share of rural India will jump to 48% by 2020. Steps taken by the Indian government recently may make this happen sooner than predicted. Digital India, launched in 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aims towards the promotion of digital literacy and creation of digital infrastructure for empowering rural communities. Considering that 58% of rural households depend on agriculture as one of their most eminent source of livelihood, the role of Digital Agriculture needs to be considered within Digital India.

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